Castlemoyle Books dealers agree to sell products published by us at the full retail price printed on the item. No discounting is permitted on any item. No exceptions!

Wholesaling products published by Castlemoyle Books to other dealers is not allowed. All persons and firms marketing Castlemoyle Books to the public must have prior authorization from us. A Dealer Application and Agreement and a Retail Certificate Form must be on file in our office.

Discount Schedule

All prices listed in our dealer catalogs and literature are the retail price and are subject to change without notice. Castlemoyle Books’ dealer discounts are available only to authorized firms. All others may purchase books from established retailers at full retail prices. A dealer application and a resale certificate must be filed with us before or with your first order.

We offer the following discounts to dealers:**

1-4 .........................................30%
5-49 ........................................40%
50-99 .......................................45%
100 -249 ....................................50%
250-500 .....................................51.5%
501-999 .....................................53%
1000 plus ...................................55%

**Student Record Books, Recipes For Fun!, and Blank Word Cards are sold in multiples of five only, which count as one (1) item for discount purposes.

The maximum discount for Activity Task Cards) is 40%, but they do count toward higher discounts on your total order.

Restocking Packages

We offer three stocking packages which give you slightly higher discounts. Please see the flyer “Ordering is as easy as A,B,C...” No substitutions or changes may be made on these packages. From time to time we offer other restocking packages. Please watch your mail for these special offers.

Whole Case Discounts

You may deduct an additional two (2) percent when you purchase certain titles in full case quantities:

Spelling Power ................................. 12 books
Student Record Books & Daily Journals........... 40 books
                                      (all one color)
Home School High School ........................ 20 books
Lear, Limericks & Literature ................... 40 books

Ordering Information

Written orders are preferred. To order, you may use our Fax Order Form, your own purchase order, or another piece of paper. Please be sure to include all the information necessary to properly process and ship your order. Use your account number whenever possible to avoid confusion with other accounts with similar names. We must be given a physical street address to process shipment. You may mail, fax, or E-mail your order to us. Our fax number is 509- 843-3183. Our E-mail address is Faxed and E-mailed orders will be processed as described in the Telephone Orders and Order Processing sections below.

Telephone Orders

While we prefer written orders, we are happy to take your telephone order. (If you are connected to voice mail, please leave a detailed message.) The following procedures should be followed: Use your complete store name and account number (we have several stores with similar names). Tell us how many of each item you wish, where you want the items shipped, and the FAX number to which we should send the order confirmation and invoice. (If you do not have a dedicated FAX line or a FAX system, please indicate this when you order — we will call you with verbal confirmation and totals.) Orders will be processed as described below.

Order Processing

When orders are received via FAX, e-mail, or telephone, we process the paperwork, including calculating the shipping and handling. We will then FAX or E-mail you a copy of the invoice, usually the same day, so you will know how much you should submit. Your order is then prepared for shipping, in the order in which it was received, and will be shipped the day your payment arrives. If you do not have a dedicated Fax line or E-mail address we will call you with the totals. Orders are normally processed within 48 hours (excluding Sunday). If you have not heard from us within 2 working days - Please call! It may indicate a Fax or E-mail problem.

When orders are received via mail, they are processed and shipped immediately. You should include adequate funds to cover shipping charges. If you include more than the actual shipping, we will either write you a check for the overpayment and include it in your order or your account will be credited and your invoice will reflect a credit balance, whichever you prefer. If you submit less than the actual shipping charges, the invoice on your package will include a balance due. Balance is due upon receipt. We do not offer 30-day billing. No additional orders may be processed until the balance is cleared from your account.

Credit Terms

All orders must be accompanied with payment in US Funds. Payments may be made via mailed check or money order, checks-by-phone, or Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express cards. We do not offer credit terms. Make checks payable to Castlemoyle Books. A $20 fee will be charged on all returned checks. Interest charges will be added to owed funds each month. Minimum monthly interest/account fee will be $2.00 per statement. Should we be required to seek legal assistance in collecting funds owed to us, you will be responsible for all attorney and/or collection fees.

Shipping Methods

We ship using United Parcel Service (UPS) ground service. To ship via UPS we must have a physical street address, please make sure you include it on your order. If you prefer other specific shipping procedures, please indicate this at the time order is submitted. We may charge additional handling fees for shipping procedures that deviate from our normal procedures.

Drop Shipping

We are happy to drop ship orders — Please see the flyer titled “Drop Ship Service” in this section.

We are glad to drop-ship items to your customers; you will be charged the actual shipping costs. Using a separate Fax Order Form for each drop-ship order, put your customer’s address into ship to address. If you send several drop-ship orders or a combination of dropship and store orders, your discount is calculated based on the total quantity ordered. Our $2 per order surcharge is applied to the entire order: If you have one drop shipment, you will pay one postage charge plus $2. If you have three drop shipments (placed at one time), you will be charged for three actual postage charges plus one $2 surcharge.

Shipping Charges

Shipping charges are included with every order. We calculate shipping charges at the actual UPS charges, including appropriate insurance if requested, according to the current UPS fee schedule. A $2 per order surcharge is added for handling fees.


Books may be returned for credit against other purchases at any time within one year of the invoice date provided that they are in re-saleable condition (shrink wrapped items must still be in original wrapper and there should be no evidence of your pricing stickers or shop wear.) When items are discontinued or revised you will be given at least 30 days notice and an open exchange period will be announced. No returns or exchanges are accepted on discontinued items beyond the open exchange period.

Dealers are responsible for return shipping/postage fees. You may be assessed a restocking fee on stock returned for reasons other than damage or defect. Restocking fee does not apply to Spelling Power manuals returned by your customers under our 100% guarantee policy. No returns or exchanges are accepted on discontinued items beyond the open exchange period. Dealers are responsible for return shipping/postage fees. Returns of currently on sale materials made more than one year after invoice date will be subject to a 12% "restocking" fee.

Damaged Goods/Shipments

All items are in perfect condition when they leave our warehouse. We realize that some packages receive less than gentle handling by our friends at UPS and the postal service. Therefore, please inspect your packages upon arrival. If you should receive books or other items which have been damaged in route, please save the shipping carton and the UPS “ground tracking” information. Then follow the procedures detailed on the insert titled “Please Inspect This Shipment.” This insert can be found in each package we ship. A copy is also found on the next page.

Please check quantity of boxes shipped before you sign for the shipment — inform shipper of missing boxes immediately — Do not sign that you have received 5 boxes unless you actually have received 5 boxes! Castlemoyle Books and the shipper can not be responsible for missing boxes if you have signed for them.

While shortages within undamaged packages are rare because of Castlemoyle Books’ triple-check packaging process, we are human. Therefore, check your shipments immediately for damage and shortages. Claims for damaged merchandise or “shortages” must be made within thirty (30) days of our shipping date.