More about Beverly’s background

Beverly L. Adams-Gordon attended the University of Washington where she studied engineering. While working as an Aerodynamic Analyst for the Boeing Airplane Company she, in partnership with two other individuals, opened and operated a childcare center and preschool. After being laid-off from Boeing, she started working at the center (a facility licensed to serve 96 children) full-time. This experience helped her discover her love for children and teaching. She began taking courses In Early Childhood Education and eventually became the Program Supervisor and Director of the center.

Beverly L Adams-Gordon

After selling the childcare center, Adams-Gordon returned to school where she majored in Journalism because she wanted to start a children’s newspaper. Upon completing these courses, she became the publisher of Child's Play Newspaper, a publication written for children five to thirteen years old and their parents. It was through her work with Child's Play that she first was exposed to the home school movement and the Montessori methods of education.

Beverly attended the University of Puget Sound, where she completed a series of graduate-level education courses. Upon completion of these courses and receiving her certification, Beverly taught at the Spring Valley School. While employed at Spring Valley, she taught Kindergarten, First grade, and a third through sixth grade class. She has also taught high school level history and science classes at Notre Dame Academy.

Since she left her professional teaching career to home school her daughters, Beverly has been conducting independent research and writing. Her special interest areas are Language Arts instruction, individualized and contract learning, and unit study or project methods of instruction. She has written seven educational books since her "retirement from teaching."