Implementing Spelling Power in your
Classroom or School
with Beverly Adams-Gordon


Beverly L. Adams-Gordon

Spend a day with Spelling Power author Beverly L. Adams-Gordon and you and your classroom teachers will be able to quickly and successfully use Spelling Power's individualized approach in your co-op, private or public classroom.

Spelling Power creator Beverly L. Adams-Gordon brings her background as a Montessori trained educator, her years teaching students with learning disabilities, and her experience as a classroom teacher to help your teachers use this award winning program in any educational situation.

Topics covered in this workshop include an introduction to the Spelling Power program and its research-based approach, conducting survey and placement, daily pre-tests, and 10-Step Study™ sessions. Implementing the six levels of built-in review and skill-building activities are also taught during the workshop. Other important aspects of Spelling Power's multi-level, multi-sensory approach including tracking and reporting student progress, using peer-testing, and a quick overview of the dictionary skills and proofreading aspects of the program are included  in the training.

Separate full-day sessions on teaching proofreading skills and implementing Spelling Power's unique proofreading approach to incorporate spelling instruction into the rest of your curriculum are available.

Beverly tailors her program to be useful to your specific teaching situations and training needs. She has taught hundreds of inservice and training workshops throughout the United States and Canada. Attendees at these training workshop rate her as an enjoyable and knowledgeable speaker. You can review her report card and read reviews by past workshop attendees here.

For more information, please call Beverly directly at 509-843-5009.


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You may call Beverly at 509-843-5009.