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Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions about the Spelling Power Program

Q. How do I know if my student is ready for Spelling Power?

Q. What is the Spelling Power Help Line?

Q. I printed out the Letter Tiles from my Spelling Power CD and the letters don't seem to line up in the tiles?

Q. I can't seem to find any of the Printable Resources on my 4th Edition CD-ROM. Where are they?

Q. The note under some Delayed Recall  or End of Level Tests in my 4th Edition of Spelling Power tells me to read pages 45-46, which are Survey Tests. What pages should I read?

Q. I have the 3rd Edition of Spelling Power. Do I need to get the 10th Anniversary Edition?

Q. My new Spelling Power manual came with the 10th Anniversary Bonus CD-ROM. How do I make it work?

Q. My book is missing Groups. Is my book defective?

Q. I'm interested in using Spelling Power with my children. Where can I find some sample pages to see what the program is like? 

Q. Iíve taught my kids phonics. Why do I need Spelling Power or any other spelling program for that matter?

Q. I have four children, can I teach Spelling Power to all of them at the same time? 

Q. My child scored several grade levels ahead on his achievement test. Do I still need a spelling program?

Q. Why canít I just have my child study the words he misspells in his schoolwork?

Q. Is Spelling Power a Christian program?

Q. My child always gets 100% on his weekly spelling test, but then misspells the same words in his daily work. Will Spelling Power help him?

Q. I have an older child who never received phonics training. Will Spelling Power be effective for him?

Q. What is your opinion on the use of computers and typing for composition work? 

Q. Should my child work in ink or in pencil? 

Q. Should my child write in cursive, print, or type? 

Q. What is the Teacher's Resource CD-ROM Licensing Agreement? (This is a PDF file)


Q. Here is the Index to the Index to Discovery Activities from Spelling Power 4th Edition. (A PDF file) 



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