Beverly’s Speaking Report Card


A+! 92.1% of recent attendees told us seminars and workshops conducted by Beverly L. Adams-Gordon met or exceeded their expectations.


A+! 93.5% of seminar participants felt Beverly L. Adams-Gordon presented the content and materials in a useful and informative manner.


A+! 95.7% of recent workshop and seminar evaluators rated Beverly L. Adams-Gordon an interesting and knowledgeable speaker.

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Note: The comments reported below were taken from Seminar Evaluations. Because not all attendees signed their name, some comments show only a state.

What Past Attendees Say….

What did you like best about the seminar?

     "The overheads – they helped me since I am visual." S.F., IA

     "Her willingness to answer questions." D. H., ID

     "Thoroughness of speaker!" R.M, HI

     "You are so personable and a delight to listen to!" D.R., WA

     "I found it very informative, especially since I have only home schooled for 2 years now and have struggled with teaching spelling." K.S., OR

     "The organization, handouts, overheads. covering occupational as well as college prep topics." IA


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What did you least like about the seminar?

     "Time went by too quickly!" D.M., WA

     "Having to decide between you and Beverly Bradley… I wish I could have been two places at once." H.C., ID

     "The hard chairs and hot room." L C.B., IA

     "That the talk was at the end of the day when I was tired." J.K., BC

     "I was disappointed that I missed the first 15 minutes, but when the baby’s wet the baby’s wet." H.K., HI

     "The people having private conversations in the back of the room – makes it hard to concentrate." R.T.,WA

     "Liked it all! You were the best speaker all day!" OR




What should we tell future prospective attendees about the seminar?

     "It was clearly presented in the short time we had." S.L., HI

     "It’s informative and you can gain from it." WA

     "Full of good ideas for organization of high school courses and record keeping." IA

     "(the proofreading approach…) Incorporates spelling, with grammar and writing."  WA

     "Excellent for teaching how to teach spelling." K. S., HI

     "A rich learning time…" L. M. J., WA