What our Families say about
Adams-Gordon's Spelling Power

A.L. of North Bloomfield, Ohio, said, "I have been teaching for 30 years. This is the best Spelling Program I have ever seen. Thank you so much."

J.G. Savannah told us, "We love it! I'm learning too!"

"I have an 8th grader and a 10th grader. One's a good speller and the other struggles. This program is doing wonderful things for both! Thank you so much." Heidi of St. George, UT

So far this program looks awesome," according to S.W. in Huntington Beach, CA.

Sonlight Curriculum says, "In one 350-page book, Beverly Adams-Gordon has put together a complete and effective spelling program to take students from early elementary school through college in only 15 focused minutes per day.
     The Sonlight catalog continues, "Mrs. Adams-Gordon's work is based on years of formal and informal study, practical field testing, and the feedback of thousands of clients. And we, too, can attest: Spelling Power works! Spelling Power provides all the tools you need plus complete instructions, and — if you're interested — almost a hundred pages that explain the research that went into the program and the educational philosophy behind it."

Teacher and student both like it: "I love the format of this program. My "hesitant" learner (male, age 10) loves it too! Thank You!," MH in Wanatah IN

Trish from Bonita CA is "very impressed with intro DVD and steps."

This is my second purchase of Spelling Power. The initial process brought great success in a home school situation. I passed the curriculum on to a home school mom when we returned to traditional school. This time I am using it as a supplement for all three of my children who attend private school. This program far exceeds my expectation and my children enjoy it very much. Thank you." Margaret of Louisville, KY

"I love this program!" K.D., Savannah GA

Mary of Naper, California, said "Thank you for your clear instructions and easy to follow program."

"I found your web site listed in the back of my girlfriend's copy of Spelling Power. I love your approach! We have a thirteen year old son who is a voracious reader and talented story-writer, but a poor speller. I've tried rote memorization, conventional teacher's materials, Wanda Sanseri's materials, the Riggs' Institute Materials, and he still remains at or below grade-level in spelling.
    "We were beginning to think he would just have to go through life with a portable spell-checker at the ready, when I saw Spelling Power! We've done the Survey Test and the Placement Test and started on our Flow Word List. Your approach makes great sense!
   "When my son saw me approaching with yet another spelling program he groaned and started to protest. After I gave him the initial tests and told him that we're going to set aside just 15 - 20 minutes each day for Spelling Power, he was intrigued. Your approach is well laid-out and easy to implement. Our order is on its way with a big THANK YOU from the future superb speller and his Mom!" R and C L, Glastonbury CT

Spelling Power is "Easy to use; well organized; and IT WORKS!" P.S., Manassas, VA (Comment after using Spelling Power for two years.)

"Dear friend -- We love Spelling Power -- It's great." H.M., Vallejo CA

Sonlight Curriculum, Ltd. has certainly been exercised over this matter of spelling. No matter what resources we Holzmanns have used, they have all let us down at one time or another... until, finally, as a result of several customers' strong recommendations, we tried Spelling Power by Beverly L. Adams-Gordon.
     In one 350-page book, Mrs. Adams-Gordon has put together a complete and effective spelling program to take students from early elementary school through college in only 15 focused minutes per day."