Spelling Power Notebook Pages and Boards
are handy for learning while on the road!

Boards and Notebook Pages for your
Magnetic Tiles make spelling fun Again!

Magnetic Notebook Page

This Dry-Erase and Magnetic sturdy notebook sheet is three-ring binder ready. Perfect for on-the-go and a space-saving spelling study tool! Only $4.95 each.

You can use it with Spelling Power's Magnetic Alphabet Tiles and it's also suitable for dry-erase markers!

Both the Notebook Pages and the Dry-Erase Boards are great for home schooling writing as well, making them the perfect place to record your student's sentences during Double Intermediate Dictation and many other Spelling Power skill building activities.

Spelling Power Magnetic Notebook Page

The Magnetic Notebook Pages
are $4.95 each

Dry Erase Magnetic Board

You can save money and get both a Magnetic Notebook Sheet and a Magnetic Board for only $11.50!


The Magnetic Notebook Pages are $4.95 each plus shipping.

The Dry-Erase Magnetic Boards are $7.95 each plus shipping.

You can purchase both at the same time for $11.50 and save money.

They are available from www.SpellingPower.com or from Castlemoyle Books at 509-843-5009.


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