Upgrade Your 3rd Edition
Spelling Power Manual

Quick Start DVD

The Basic Approach To Daily Spelling Lessons DVD

This 60-minute DVD-video seminar, presented by Spelling Power author Beverly L. Adams-Gordon, focuses on the basic approach to daily spelling sessions. You'll be guided step-by-step through the these key aspects of the Adams-Gordon Spelling Power program as you watch real moms and children:

  • Determine Readiness and Placement Level
  • Test using the Flow-Word-ListsConduct Multi-Sensory Study Sessions
  • Review and Re-teach Spelling Words
  • Record Individual Student Progress

This DVD Training Video works with either the 3rd Edition or the 10th Anniversary Edition of Spelling Power. It is included with the 4th Edition of Spelling Power.

Spelling Power Teacher Training DVD



Spelling Power Forms and Masters CD-ROM

This Add-on CD-ROM for the Spelling Power Program includes:

  • All the forms in the Book printable in Blue ink
  • The activities from the Discovery Activities ready to print
  • Word lists for younger students as penmanship practice and
  • and more!

This CD-ROM is included in the 10th Anniversary editions of Spelling Power.

Everything on this CD-ROM is included in the Digital Tutor CD-ROM that came with the 4th Edition of Spelling Power. If you own the 4th Edition of Spelling Power, or are purchasing it, you do not need to also buy this CD-ROM.

The postage and handling charge on this item when ordered by itself is $4.00.

Please note that the addition of the Spelling Forms and Masters CD-ROM is the only difference between the 10th Anniversary edition and the 3rd Edition of Spelling Power.

If you have a 3rd Edition (copyright date of 1997 or later) of Spelling Power, your book is the same as the 10th Anniversary Edition.

What's the difference between the two Spelling Power CD-ROMs?


Spelling Power's Teacher CD

$4.95 each


The "Upgrade Kit"

This two disk set includes both the Quick Start Video DVD and the Forms and Masters CD-ROM as described below.

Your price is only $12.90 for both, a savings of $2.00 or 13%.

The "Upgrade Kit"  is only $12.90