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About the Spelling Power Program

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Q. What are the current hours and days that Beverly is available to answer the Spelling Power Help Line?

Q. What if my Student Misspells the Word for a Reason Other than the Group Rule in Delayed Recall and End-of-Level Tests ?

Q. What if my student still misses several words on the Second Form of the Delayed Recall or End-of-Level Tests?

Q. Do I need a computer for Spelling Power?

Q. How do I know if my student is ready for Spelling Power?

Q. How can I use the Student Record Books so my student can't see the words he studied the day before?

Q. My book is missing Groups. Is my book defective?

Q. I'm interested in using Spelling Power with my children. Where can I find some sample pages to see what the program is like? 

Q. I’ve taught my kids phonics. Why do I need Spelling Power or any other spelling program for that matter?

Q. I have four children, can I teach Spelling Power to all of them at the same time?

Q. My child scored several grade levels ahead on his achievement test. Do I still need a spelling program?

Q. Why can’t I just have my child study the words he misspells in his schoolwork?

Q. Is Spelling Power a secular or a religious program?

Q. My child always gets 100% on his weekly spelling test, but then misspells the same words in his daily work. Will Spelling Power help him?

Q. I have an older child who never received phonics training. Will Spelling Power be effective for him?

Q. What is your opinion on the use of computers and typing for composition work?

Q. Should my child work in ink or in pencil?

Q. Should my child write in cursive, print, or type?

Q. Here is the Index to the Index to Discovery Activities from Spelling Power 4th Edition. (A PDF file)