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Wholesale Discount Schedule


  All prices listed in our dealer catalogs and literature are the retail price and are subject to change without notice. Castlemoyle Books’ dealer discounts are available only to authorized firms. All others may purchase books from established retailers at full retail prices. A dealer application must be filed with us before or with your first order.


We offer the following discounts to dealers:**


1-4 books 30%
5-49 Books 40%
50-99 45%
100 -249 50%
250 to 500 51.5%
501-999 53%
1000 plus 55%


**Student Record Books are sold in multiples of five only, which count as one (1) item for discount purposes.

**Recipes For Fun are sold only in multiples of five (5) sets. Each set of five counts as one item.

**The maximum discount for Activity Task Cards and the Magnetic Alphabet Tiles in Storage Box is 40%, but they do count toward higher discounts on your total order.

**The maximum discount for the Word Bank Box w/ Cards is 50%, but they do count toward higher discounts on your total order.


Whole Case Discounts: You may deduct an additional two (2) percent when you purchase certain titles in full case quantities:

Spelling Power

12 books

Student Record Books

40 books (all one color)

Home School High School

20 books


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Products are available from Castlemoyle Books at 509-843-5009.